About Dawn Stofer


Though I would not describe myself as an animal painter,  there they are, cows, dogs, chickens, and wandering humans (animals) in imaginary landscapes.  There is something elemental,  dare say iconic about the creatures inhabiting this planet.  They are bound to end up on a canvas - even if barely suggested in an immense landscape.  They deserve mention. They are nice to have around. 

I often describe my paintings as the harvest of elements from an internal archives.  I mostly paint from imagination in a manner bridging abstraction and representation.    I try to find that elemental thing which first attracted my attention.

The blah blah..I studied fine art at the University of Victoria in British Columbia and at the University of Calgary in Alberta but more important and personally meaningful was meeting in London the late British painter Guy Roddon who invited me to draw and paint in the south of France. An enduring influence, he was a dear friend and mentor who's voice I still hear. “…lost and found, lost and found…"

I live on Denman Island, B.C and recommend the fine sculpture  of  Michael Dennis

*Some painters turn the sun into a yellow spot, others turn a yellow spot into the sun - Pablo Picasso



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